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Christophe & Mathieu™

Handmade Hyper Luxury  

Christophe & Mathieu was born as the first hyper luxury city wear brand, where a team of specialized Artisans collaborate and combine their knowledge and experience to design fully handmade garments.
Tailors, Weavers, Embroiderers, Goldsmiths, Carpenters work to make every single garment the absolute protagonist of your life.
Our Brand is famous for its great custom fit, the continuous research in raw materials, linked to an obsessive attention to detail, thus raising the bar towards the biggest fashion houses.

Handmade Clothing and Jewelery

When we rub our clothes with the word "handmade" we indicate that every single thread, logo, fabric, box, setting and label has been applied and made by hand with an average at least of 80 hours of work per piece.

Sartorial Masters, Goldsmiths and Artisans for unique products

Our Design and Development Atelier is located in Vigevano, where a team of Italian seamstresses with decades of experience will be at your service during each design phase of your garment. Goldsmith Department, located in the center of Milan, is extremely specialized and can fulfill every wish and embellish every single T-shirt purchased with a Gold and Diamond Logo.

 Exclusive Tours & Events

Our goal is to create an exclusive community for unforgettable moments, which will allow you to access the most anticipated and unique events in Italy and abroad. You can feel rare experiences in numerous fields such as fashion, entertainment and culture, with benefits such as private transfers and themed nights with lots of entertainment, fun and fashion by Christophe & Mathieu 


The Hyper Luxury Polo is made from scratch for each customer, with a tailor made pattern for each of you, embellished with seven solitaires of 0.5 Karats...


Hyper Luxury Polo

Starting at 27.000 €


The Hyper Luxury Polo as well as boasting Diamonds scattered throughout the length of the garment, has unique creations that accompany it as Buttons...


Jewels have always enriched classic men's clothing. Brooches, Tie Clips, Frogs and Cufflinks. We brought this idea into the 21st century, producing  jewellery like Buttons, Gold and Diamond Pavé Coverlets. You can also buy them individually by adapting them to every shirt you own, giving a gear at every opportunity with an aura of exclusivity.


Collet Covers

5.780 € for the couple

We also make your Packaging special, giving you a unique piece of Italian Craftsmanship, a Walnut Polished Wooden Box with our Brass Logo, of great elegance and luxury, that enhances its unique content.
Inside the boxes you can find the certificates for Diamonds and Gold as well as our Guarantee and Customer Care Service.